Eligibility Criteria

8.1 Eligibility

  • Interested (new or re-induction) associations intending to be a part of the Federation must provide the eligibility documents as detailed:Completed Membership Application Form.
    • Certification of Incorporation containing the IA number.
    • Constitution of the association.
    • Total member count of the association
    • Proof of subscription or membership fee to be paid.
  • Membership is open to all Incorporated and Unincorporated Indian / Indian Origin based community organisations or associations interested in mutual learning, understanding and supporting of the Indian culture and tradition.
  • Incorporated Associations are considered “Full Members” of the Federation.
  • Un-incorporated Associations are considered as Associate members of the Federation.
  • Incorporated Associations are eligible to be a part of the Federation’s Executive Committee and can participate in the election process at Annual General Meeting.
  • Unincorporated Associations are NOT eligible to be a part of the Federation’s
  • Executive Committee and cannot participate in the election process at Annual General Meeting.
  • All membership requires the approval by the Federation’s Executives and the present Governing Council of FICQ.
  • Any new members approved by the Governing Council at least 2 months prior to the election will only be eligible to be nominated or nominate others for any position or participate in voting at an AGM.

8.2 Application for Membership 

  • Application for membership shall be in writing and in the form as set out in clause 30 “Appendix 1” and addressed to the Secretary.
  • The application shall be accompanied by a copy of the registration (Incorporation) certificate of the organisation,Constitution, a list of the office-bearers of the applicant organisation, and the membership fee as specified by the Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland Inc.

8.3 Acceptance of Membership 

  • The Federation’s executives will first review the membership application forms for completeness and accept the membership of the new applicant association. If Incomplete, the Federation’s Executive Committee will advise the applicant association to provide necessary details for ensuring application completeness.
  • The Secretary shall include on the agenda of the next council meeting after the date of receipt of the application for consideration all applications for membership.
  • The Governing Council representatives present will, by a simple majority vote to approve and accept the new membership association.