The Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland Inc. (FICQ) was formed as a secular, not-for-profit peak body to play a leadership role in 1997 by reputed Queenslanders of Indian origin to bring all the various regional, cultural and lingual Indian groups in Queensland together under the one umbrella organisation.

Recognition as peak body

FICQ is recognised by all levels of government, the non-government sector and the private sector as the peak body in Queensland for all associations, organisations and societies representing people of Indian origin from countries around the world including India, Fiji, South Africa and Malaysia

Who can become a member? Membership of FICQ is open to all incorporated, constitutionally structured organisations representing communities who are of Indian origin or identify with India in Queensland. The President of each member organisation or his/her nominee represents his/her organisation on FICQ. Individuals are not eligible for membership of FICQ.

How does FICQ work?

All Indian member organisations that are eligible are elected to the executive body to run FICQ. Member organisations can influence the directions taken by FICQ through joining the Executive Committee (EC) and participating in Governing Council (GC) meetings. EC members have scope to influence the broader national agenda through attending interim meetings of the Confederation of Indian Associations in Australia being held in major cities in Australia.

Benefits of joining: FICQ creates a platform for all Indian organisations

FICQ provides important networking opportunities with senior Ministers, elected representatives from local, state and federal governments and senior executives of key government departments, members of other community organisations and leaders from the private and non-government sectors. FICQ also provides a platform to contribute to Government policy debates through supporting eligible individuals from member organisations to nominate for the Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council and take part in other significant discussions with all levels of government and non-government organisations. FICQ works closely with Indian Government and its representative for the High Commission of India in Australia (HCI) in Canberra and has regular meetings with visiting Indian dignitaries and senior civil servants to discuss ways to strengthen ties between Indians resident in Australia and their country of origin.

Through FICQ members can also participate in important one-off events such as G20, meetings with the HCI in Australia and other officials to voice matters of concern for the Indian communities.

FICQ plays a key role with encouraging all member and key individual and Indian organisations representatives to take part in the annual Premier’s reception in Queensland Parliament.

Showcasing cultural heritage and talent to the broader community

Member organisations can showcase their cultural heritage and talents of members to the wider Australian community through participation in annual FICQ organised events such as:

  • Annual Joint Australia – India Day celebrations in various locations to commemorate Indian Republic Day and Australia Day.
  • Annual Diwali Celebrations in King George Square, Brisbane CBD, one of the signature calendar festivals in Queensland.

FICQ also supports showcasing of community heritage through EC members attending events organised by member organisations and other community organisations.

Reducing costs Members can receive significant cost savings through FICQ’s group public liability insurance cover scheme.

FICQ has the capacity to negotiate with wholesale suppliers and event management companies to supply goods and services for discounted rates for member organisations.

Members can also access FICQ’s Public Address (PA) system for their events and celebrations through a simple registration process and a nominal security deposit.

Spreading the word

Member organisations can publicise their events in FICQ’s web-portal. FICQ also promotes member associations’ events with other organisations through using FICQ web, emails and social media pages.

Support for applications and important initiatives

If requested, FICQ can provide supporting or reference letters for member organisations for their grant applications or important initiatives and events.